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Popular Magazines:

Sl. No. Periodical Title Periodicity Periodical Type Language
1 Daiji World WEEKLY Regional English
2 Frontline FORTNIGHTLY National English
3 Outlook WEEKLY National English
4 Readers Digest MONTHLY National English
5 Sportstar WEEKLY National English
6 The Teenager Today MONTHLY National English
7 The Week WEEKLY National English
8 Time WEEKLY International English
9 University Today FORTNIGHTLY National English
10 Wisdom MONTHLY National English
11 Adike Patrike MONTHLY Regional Kannada
12 Ananthaprakasha MONTHLY Regional Kannada
13 Arogya MONTHLY Regional Kannada
14 Ayurveda mattu Yoga MONTHLY Regional Kannada
15 Grehashobha – Kannada MONTHLY Regional Kannada
16 Hosatu MONTHLY Regional Kannada
17 Mangala WEEKLY Regional Kannada
18 Priyanka MONTHLY Regional Kannada
19 Samvadha MONTHLY Regional Kannada
20 Sanjeevini MONTHLY Regional Kannada
21 Sudha WEEKLY Regional Kannada
22 Taranga WEEKLY Regional Kannada
23 Rakhno WEEKLY Regional Konkani
24 Uzvad Konkany FORTNIGHTLY Regional Konkani
25 Vanitha FORTNIGHTLY National Malayalam


General Knowledge & Career Oriented:

Sl. No. Periodical Title Periodicity Periodical Type Language
1 Careers – 360 MONTHLY National English
2 Civil Service Times MONTHLY National English
3 Competition Affairs MONTHLY National English
4 Competition Refresher MONTHLY National English
5 Competition Vision MONTHLY National English
6 Employment News WEEKLY National English
7 GK Refresher MONTHLY National English
8 Junior Science Refresher MONTHLY National English
9 Manorama Tell Me Why MONTHLY National English
10 Pratiyogita Darpan MONTHLY National English
11 Butthi MONTHLY Regional Kannada
12 Guide MONTHLY Regional Kannada
13 Psychology & Personality Development MONTHLY Regional Kannada
14 Spardha Chaitra MONTHLY Regional Kannada
15 Spardha Chankya      
16 Spardha Jagattu MONTHLY Regional Kannada
17 Spardha Spoorthi MONTHLY Regional Kannada
18 Study Planner MONTHLY Regional Kannada
19 Suddi Sikshana mattu Udyoga Mahiti FORTNIGHTLY Regional Kannada
20 Udyoga Varte FORTNIGHTLY Regional Kannada



Subject Periodicals:

Sl. No. Periodical Title Periodicity Periodical Type Language
1 Business Manager MONTHLY National English
2 Chintana Bayalu QUARTERLY Regional Kannada
3 Electronics For You MONTHLY National English
4 Hashia Ki Awaz (Hindi) MONTHLY National Hindi
5 Journal of English Language Teaching (India) BIMONTHLY National English
6 Kurukshetra : A Journal of Rural Development MONTHLY National English
7 LE Lab Experiments QUARTERLY National English
8 Legal News & Views MONTHLY National English
9 Mainstream Weelkly WEEKLY National English
10 Maithri – Mass Patrika MONTHLY National Hindi
11 Sambhashana Sandheshah MONTHLY National Sanskrit
12 Science Reporter MONTHLY National English
13 Southern Economist FORTNIGHTLY National English
14 TerraGreen: Science & Environment QUARTERLY National English
15 The Indian Banker MONTHLY National English
16 Third Concept MONTHLY International English
17 University News WEEKLY National English


Peer Revieved Journals:

Sl. No. Periodical Title Periodicity Periodical Type  Language
1 Economic & Political Weekly WEEKLY National English
2 Indian Church History Review HALF-YEARLY National English
3 Indian Journal of Finance MONTHLY National English
4 Indian Journal of Marketing MONTHLY National English
5 Indian Journal of Social Work QUARTERLY National English
6 New Frontiers in Education QUARTERLY International English
7 Prabandhan: Indian Journal of Management MONTHLY National English
8 Shodha HALF-YEARLY National Bilingual
9 Social Action QUARTERLY National English
10 Women’s Link QUARTERLY National English
11 Current Science FORTNIGHTLY International English
12 Indian Journal of Computer Science BIMONTHLY National English
13 Journal of Biosciences QUARTERLY International English
14 Journal of Chemical Sciences BIMONTHLY International English
15 Resonance – Journal of Science Education MONTHLY National English



Sl. No. Newspaper Language
1 Kannada Prabha Kannada
2 Prajavani Kannada
3 Suddi Bidugade Kannada
4 Udayavani Kannada
5 Varthabharathi Kannada
6 Vijaya Karnataka Kannada
7 Vijayavani Kannada
8 Hosa Digantha Kannada
9 Business Line English
10 Deccan Herald English
11 Indian Express English
12 The Hindu English
13 Times of India English
14 Malayalam Manorama Malayalam
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