Visit to Puttur Taluk Panchayat by Consumer Education Students

Visit to TP 13-11-2014“Providing basic facilities like drinking water, house, sanitation, street, street light is the chief responsibility of the Panchayat,” said the member of Taluk Panchayat Mr. Mahammad Badagannur. He was addressing the students of St. Philomena College during their visit to Taluk Panchayat. It was organized by the Suraksha Consumer Forum as a part of the Consumer Education certificate course practical training activity. He further said, “The Panchayat believes not just the people in the power but also the local community should be provided with the recognition and the opportunity to set their own priorities.” During the occasion the President of Taluk Panchayat, Mrs. Pulasya Rai said, “The initiative of ‘Swatch Bharath’ will make Gandhiji’s vision of clean India has come true. Students are the strength of the nation. “ The Executive Officer Mr. Jagadish said, “Implementing the schemes introduced by the government is the responsibility of every member of the Taluk Panchayat.” Mr. Shivaprakash explained the students about the various schemes introduced by the government. Prof. Dinakar Rao, Convenor of Suraksha Consumer Forum co-ordinated the visit. Mr. MukundaKrishna , the student leader of Suraksha Consumer Forum proposed the vote of thanks.

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