PG and UG Physics Community Outreach Programme

Star gazing for cosmic feelings

St. Philomena College PG Department of Physics has organized a programme on the topic “star gazing for cosmic feeling” on 1st February 2014.

There was a lot of enthusiasm among the students and participants to watch the stars and planets.

The PG Physics students, BSc students and parents had attended the lecture on the  above topic. This contained power point presentation and interactive talk.  The participants had a great time learning about the various celestial bodies from one of the very best in the field Prof AP Bhat, H.O.D of Physics, PPC Udupi, the resource persons for the programme. He  is a very well-known  astronomer and also  convener of the Poornapranja Amateur Astronomer Club (PAAC).

Dr.  A P Radhakrishna H.O.D of  Physics St. Philomena College, introduced the Resource Person.

“Star gazing can be a Hobby, once you understand the Physics behind it”, said Prof AP Bhat.

The introductory talk and power point presentation had various aspects of astronomy and also astrophysics like

  1. Evolution of stars
  2. Galaxies
  3. Universe
  4. Our earth
  5. Solar system
  6. Solar and lunar eclipses, etc.

He said one of the best sky event of the last month was “watching Venus” on December 6th 2013. Again he added besides December 6th,  Venus would be bright visible early in the morning on February 15th 2014. “If we miss this opportunity we will have to wait for 584 days to watch Venus as this bright” he said.

Prof. AP Bhat motivated students to develop ‘star gazing as a hobby’ and to observe the important and interesting events such as eclipse, full moon, planets, and nebulas. The power point presentation helped participants to understand it in a better way.

Soon after the presentation, all participants gathered on the St. Philomena Ground.  Prof. A P Bhat the resource person of the programme, is not only a well known astronomer but also an excellent orator. He made the participants to observe various celestial bodies.

The participants were also given an opportunity to view the celestial objects like, Jupiter (Planet), its Moon, using an advance electronic telescope provided by Govt. First grade college Bettampady. Prof. Nadakumar, H.O.D Physics, Govt.  First grade college Bettampady, had focused the telescope for planetary observations.

Rev. Dr. Antony Prakash Monteiro; Campus Director, Dr. A P Radhakrishna; H.O.D of Physics, Dr. E Deepak D’Silva; Coordinator; Department of  PG Physics, faculty members of PG Physics  and other Departments, second and Fourth semester MSc Physics students, Parents, were  also present on the occasion.


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