“Theoretical Aspects of Particle and High Energy Physics”- National Seminar:

Physics-National-SeminarThe PG Department of Physics, St.Philomena College, Puttur, had organized a National Level Seminar –“Theoretical Aspects of Particle and High Energy Physics”, on 4th April 2015.This seminar was sponsored by KSTA(Karnataka science and technology Academy) , KSCST(Karnataka State Council for Science and Technology).

The seminar was inaugurated by Prof B.J Suvarna, former H.O.D, Department of Physics, St Philomena College, Puttur by lightening the lamp. Prof Leo Noronha, the Principal of the college was president of the function, Rev. Dr Antony Prakash Montero, Campus director and Chairperson of P.G. Studies was the guest of honour, Dr A.P. Radhakrishna, H.O.D of Physics and Dr E. Deepak D’Silva, Coordinator of MSc Physics were also present on the dais.

The convener of the seminar, Dr E. Deepak D’Silva welcomed the gathering. Rev Dr Antony Prakash Monteiro in his address congratulated the P.G. Department of Physics for organising the seminar and wished all the best for the seminar.

The president of the function Prof Leo Noronha St Philomena College urged the gathering to take best out of the seminar and get benefited.

The inaugurator of the function Prof. B. J. Suvarna in his address said that, “in the departments of higher studies where research is considered as the priority, organizing these types of seminars will provide new dimensions and standard to higher learning. He also told both experimental and theoretical Physics have their own impact in the development of Physics, so both have to be given equal importance”. In his speech he also shed light on some of the recent developments which took place in the field of modern Physics.

After the inauguration the various sessions were held.

The resource person Dr Vishnu Mayya Bannur   gave an overview of symmetries in Particle Physics, symmetries and conservation laws in quantum mechanics and relates these to groups of transformations. He said, “The goal of particle physics is to understand the most fundamental constituents of matter and to study how these elementary particles interact”. He explained how group theory underpins some of the key features of particle physics. Group theory provides the language for describing how particles (and in particular, their quantum numbers) combine. This provides understanding of classification of fundamental particle, hadronic Physics as well as Physics beyond the Standard Model. The symmetries of the Standard Model associated with the Electroweak and Strong (QCD) forces are described by the group U(1), SU(2) and SU(3). The properties of these groups are examined and the relevance to particle Physics was discussed.

During the second and fourth session of the seminar the resource person Dr K. B. Vijayakumar gave an overview of fundamental particles and their origin and classifications. He mainly discussed Flavor SU(3), the eightfold way model, Quark properties, the standard model invariance and conservation laws, isospin symmetry. Basic concepts of particle Physics and mathematical calculations for behaviour of subatomic particles were explained with Feynman diagrams wherever required.

More than 100 participants including students, research scholars, and lectures from various colleges were present for the seminar.

During valedictory programme the chief guest Dr K. B. Vijaya Kumar said that, “this type of seminar will provide young MSc scholars the confidence, motivation and resources to enhance interest in theoretical Physics”. He advised MSc Physics students to built strong analytical and experimental skills as well as mathematical abilities in the subject along with their studies. He also unveiled various research and career opportunities to the students both in India and abroad. At the end Mr Supreeth B. S., Assistant professor, PG department of Physics, expressed deep gratitude to resource persons and all participants and all who have involved directly and indirectly in materialising the event.

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