MSc Physics: Study Tour to Bangalore

study tour reportThe M.Sc. 4th semester students along with the faculty members visited Bangalore on 27th and 28th of April 2015 for their study tour, as a part of their curriculum.

On 27th they visited HAL- heritage centre and aerospace museum. It is the first of its kind in India was established in the year 2001 at HAL airport road, Bangalore.

There are two major halls, one displaying the photographs that chart the growth of aviation in each decade from 1940 till date. The second hall displays motorized cross section of models of aero engines, highlighting various functions of the engines. Some real engines such as Garret (Dornier), Adour (Jaguar) and Orpheus (Kiran) were seen. The museum is also houses a library on Aerospace and gives traces of exciting phases of HAL in various years.

There is also an ATC radar perched with L-band surveillance radar having a range of 200 nautical miles which rotates at a speed of 3-4 RPM, with the frequency of 1250-1350 MHz. In addition, PSLV heat shield is displayed to give a glimpse of forays made by the country in the space technology. HAL gives tremonderous support to ISRO in the development of launching vehicles.

Apart from this an orchidarium, herbal garden, children’s play area and a sustainability development park can be seen in the campus. The park displays the working models of solar systems, bio-gas plant and hybrid wind mills.

On 28th they visited Vishweshwaraya Industrial and Technological Museum. Vishweshwaraya Industrial and Technological Museum is one of the units of National Council of Science Museums an autonomous organization under the ministry of culture, government of India.

The museum has seven permanent exhibition halls and two special exhibits. Permanent exhibition hall includes engine hall, eletrotechnic hall, Fun science, space emerging technology in the service of mankind, biotechnological revolution, BEL-Hall of electronics, science for children. Special exhibits are dinosaur enclave, science on a sphere and Wright brother’s aero plane. There were also the activities for the visitors like Taramandal show, science demonstration show, sky observation programme, popular science lecture, commemorative programme etc.

On their return journey Students also visited Wonderla amusement park.