MSc Physics: Certificate course on “IP Networking and Broadband”

Certificate-course-on-IP-Networking-and-BroadbandMSc students of 2nd year Physics along with faculty members attended the certificate course at BSNL regional telecom training centre Mysore, on the topic ‘IP Networking and Broadband. The course was started on 1st January 2015. Duration of the course was for 6 days.

During the period of training, students got the opportunity to study on various topics regarding computer networking and internet security. Both theory and practical sessions were included in the training course.

During theory hours students had studied about the networking, communication and introduction to OSI (Open Standard Interconnect) and in the practical hours they configured routers in LAN, WAN and VLAN using Cisco packet tracer software.

At the end of the course students were able to configure broadband LAN and modem configuration and also were able to create a new web page. The course certificates of BSNL training center were issued to the students on the last date of the course.

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