Msc Physics — A Guest Lecture On, “Non-Linear Optical Crystals: Materials With a Difference”

“Energy is the immediate need of today’s world. Without sufficient sources of energy , full-fledged growth of the nation cannot be expected. Due to modern technology man has reached to a stage of creating the sun artificially on earth (laboratory) through the process called nuclear fusion. The energy requirement to start the nuclear fusion reaction and other important research inventions are relay on a very important branch of Physics called Non-linear Optics”, said the senior scientist Dr H L Bhat of  IISc Bangalore.

He was delivering a guest lecture on the topic, “Non-linear optical crystals: Materials with a difference”, organized by the PG Department of Physics, St. Philomena College on 12 August 2013. H.O.D of the Department Dr. A P Radhakrishna introduced the guest. The faculty members of the Department, first and third semester students of the department have participated in the program.  Asheeda of  I MSc proposed the vote of thanks. Shwetha of  II MSc compered the programme.


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