M.Sc. Physics: Guest Talk on General Theory of Relativity

Guest-Talk-on-General-Theory-of-RelativityOn 20th October 2013, Dr Ajit K M, Department of Physics, National Institute of Technology Karnataka (NITK), Surathkal; visited PG Department of Physics, St Philomena College to deliver the guest lecture on the topic “AN INTRODUCTION TO GENERAL THEORY OF RELATIVITY”. The programme was started with the prayer lead by second year M.Sc. students. Dr E Deepak D’Silva, Coordinator of Physics introduced the guest to the gathering.

The faculty members of the Department, the first and second year MSc students have actively participated in the programme.

Dr Ajit K M during his talk covered the major aspects of fundamentals related to special and general theory of relativity. He started from Newtonian mechanics, explained the need for coordinate transformation. Then he detailed on Galilean and Lorentz transformations to elaborate later the ideas of theory of relativities.

Ms Chaitra welcomed all and Ms Samata proposed the vote of thanks. Ms Pavana compered the programme.

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