M.Sc Physics Fresher’s Day


On Monday, 05/08/2019 the Fresher’s day was organised by II MSc Physics students of St Philomena College, Puttur for the newly joined I MSc Physics students.

The fresher’s day function started at 9.30am. Prof Leo Noronha, Principal, St Philomena College Puttur  was the President of the programme; Rev Dr Antony Prakash Monteiro, Chairperson of PG Studies and Research and the Campus Director of St Philomena College, Puttur was the Chief Guest; Dr A P Radhakrishna, H.O.D of Physics, St Philomena College, Puttur was the Guest of Honour and also Dr E Deepak D’Silva, Coordinator of the Department of Physics was present during the occasion.The Programme started with a prayer by Ms Pramitha and team.

Dr E Deepak D’Silva in his address said that along with the studies, student should develop the Personality and if one is not able to produce his own personality then his education is incomplete. Educated students also have the duty to serve the society to their best ability. Students should work constructively in their life and bring name and fame to the department.

A P Radhakrishna in his message suggested the students that, Master of Science is a chance to expand the knowledge horizon and it’s an opportunity to enhance the quality of life. He also suggested to use the library, internet facility affectively in the learning process. He informed the students to avail the internship programme facility provided by the department in-order to bring weightage in their higher education.

Rev Dr Antony Prakash Monteiro in his inspirational message said that, Physics is not everything in life. To lead a successful life the knowledge of the every field and hard work is necessary. Learn the things as fast as possible, do the hard work and achieve success and don’t waste the energy unnecessarily. And he also quoted, ‘Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed but can be transformed from one form to another’.

Prof Leo Noronha in his presidential remarks wished all the fresher students to the new academic year in the campus and said that all students should read the autobiography of the great Scientists like Scientist Stephen Hawking and get the inspiration in the life to achieve big things in Physics. He also quoted the line ‘quiet people have loudest sound’ and told, work silently to achieve greater. After the formal programme various games were conducted for the fresher’s.

Ms Thushara R B welcomed the gatherings, Ms Ezitha Monteiro rendered the vote of thanks and Ms Poojashree V Rai compered the programmes.

College P.R.O Prof Dinakar rao , faculty members Prof. Praveen Prakash D’Souza, Prof. Shridevi H, Prof. Savitha Monteiro, Prof. Ashith V K, Prof. Sindhu D G and Prof. Shilpa M P and students of I and II MSc physics were present in the Programme.


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