Dept of PG Physics: Study Tour to Kaiga Nuclear Power Plant

On 11th April 2014, the MSc 4th semester students along with faculty members had been to Kaiga Nuclear Power Plant, for their study tour as a part of the curriculum.

Kaiga power generating station situated at Kaiga, near the river Kali, in Uttar Kannada district of Karnataka, India. The plant has been in operation since March 2000 and is operated by the Nuclear Power Corporation of India.

It has four units. The two oldest units comprise the west half of the site and the two newer units are adjoining the east side of the site. All of the four units are small-sized plants of 220 MW.

The unit, fueled by indigenous uranium, will supply electricity to Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Puducherry

Students had the opportunity to hear and learn from the training officials regarding the geometrical structure of the plant, its construction and working, the method of power generation, the safety and security measurements have been taken in harmony with the environment.

Students visited various operating sites within the vast area which covers entire power plant. Later students were taken to the simulation center, where one can learn actual simulation of controlling and keeping track with the operations of entire power plant using computers with specific softwares. The trainees first need to get proper training in the simulation center before they could be placed into the actual controlling unit. Within the plant there are some zones where human interface is prohibited, the operation in such regions will be undertaken by the person sitting in the controlling unit by using computers.

On their return journey they visited famous tourist spots such as Yana, Karwar beach, temple at Anegudde.