Certificate Course On Consumer Education – Practical Trainning

 Suraksha Consumer Forum in collaboration with D.K. District Federation of Consumer Organizations organized a practical training programme for the students of certificate course on Consumer Education on November 11, 2013 in Spandana seminar hall.  This programme was inaugurated by Mr. M.J. Salian, the president of D.K. District Federation of Consumer Organizations.  In his inaugural address he said, ‘The objective of the Consumer Protection Act, 1986 is to protect the interests of consumers against the defective goods or deficient services rendered by private sector, public sector or co-operative sector’.  The Principal of the college Prof. Leo Noronha wished the programme every success.   This programme consisted of four technical sessions.  In technical session 1, the resource person Mr. M.J. Salian spoke on consumer rights.  In technical session 2, Mr. Edwin D’Mello, the senior vice president of D.K. District Federation of Consumer Organizations explained the provisions of Right to Information Act.  In technical session 3, Mr. Vishnu P. Nayak, the secretary of the Federation spoke on Karnataka Sakala Services Act and in technical session 4, Mr. Rayi Raj Kumar, the Joint Secretary of the Federation explained the procedures to be followed in settling consumer disputes. Prof. Dinakara Rao, the director of Suraksha Consumer Forum welcomed the guests and the participants. Dr. A.P. Radhakrishna, the co-ordinator of certificate courses proposed the vote of thanks.

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