Agnesya – 2014

Students participation in competitions:

  1. a. Sinchana M. S. of l B.Sc and Reema Lewis and Shilpa Jacob of lll B.Sc Participated in the Chemistry competitions held at Department of Chemistry Vivekananda College Puttur in connection with the Golden Jubilee celebrations on 23rd January 2014. Sinchana M. S. won second place in the seminar competition.
  2. b. Following B.Sc students participated in various competitions of ‘Agnesya 2014 ’ science fest held at St. Agnes College Mangalore on 31stJanuary 2014.
1 Photogallery Kevin Joel Fernandes lll BSc
2 Treasure Hunt Wilson Joyal Pais lll BSc
Loysten Lasrado lll BSc
3 Stress Interview Elizabeth Sebastian l BSc
4 Seminar Vibha M.G lll BSc
5 Collage Priya Lilly Lasrado ll BSc
Joyline M Rodrigues ll BSc
6 Quiz Fayal D’Souza, Moulya C.J. ll BSc
Moulya C.J. lll BSc
7 Chem Rangoli Thejaswi P.S. lll BSc

Wilson Joyal Pais and Loysten Lasardo won first prize in Treasure Hunt, Kevin Fernandes won first prize in Photo Gallery and Vibha M.G won third prize in Seminar.


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