A Workshop on ‘Personality Development Skills’

The Post Graduate Department of Social Work organized one-day Workshop on ‘Personality Development Skills’ on 07-11-2012 at Post Graduate Studies and Research Centre.

As good education & training refine our approach to social challenges, besides developing amicable identity & character, this Workshop was a boost to the social work students to improve their personality as they step into their career life.

Rev. Dr. Antony Prakash Monteiro, the Chairperson of P.G Studies inaugurated the workshop & stressed on the need of self awareness & importance of psychology in our day today life. Personality is not just the outward appearance but it is the reflection of inner beauty exhibited in terms of good attitude, acceptable behavior, he added.

The sessions were handled by two speakers. Rev. Dr. Roque D’sa, Professor in Psychology, St. Joseph’s Seminary, Mangalore dealt on the basics & relevance of psychology. He also shared his views & ideas on how to maintain a healthy inter personal relationships.

Rev.Fr. Joachim Fernandes, Professor in Indian Philosophy, St. Joseph’s Seminary, Mangalore handled the II session of the day, on the topic ‘Self Management’. He concentrated his deliberations on the life events and the pattern of responses to such events and our behavior formation in relation to the same along with appropriate illustrations.

Mr. Prasanna Kumar, Coordinator of the P.G. Department of Social Work delivered preliminary remarks for the day.

The day began with a prayer led by Mrs. Sushma & Ms. Theerthakala. Ms. Soumya.N welcomed the gathering, Ms. Nisha Proposed vote of thanks & Ms. Prathibha compeered the programme.


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