A Guest Lecture at MSc Physics

An Introduction To Quantumchromo Dynamics

Prof. Sasha, a theoretical physicist and scientist at Georgia University had visited to St. Philomena PG Campus on 1st February 2014. He delivered a guest lecture to the MSc Physics students on the topic: “An Introduction to Quantum Chromodynamics”. Rev. Dr. Antony Prakash Monteiro chairperson of PG studies and research introduced the resource person.

Prof. Sasha a well known theoretical physicist of Georgia University gave a theoretical lecture on Quantum chromodynamics.

His lecture covered following areas:

  1. Quantum World
  2.  Galilean and Lorentz transform, in the quantum world
  3. Second Quantization
  4. Theoretical importance of Gauge transformation
  5. Symmetries, fundamental particles like quarks and their interaction
  6. SU2 and SU3 groups comes in particle physics

Dr. A P Radhakrishna, HOD of Physics, Dr. E. Deepak D’Silva, Coordinator PG Department of Physics, Faculty members of PG Physics, I and II MSc Physics students were also attended the lecture.

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