The Principal

  Principal, St. Philomena College, Puttur
 Date of Birth   : 19-04-1965
 Permanent Address  : Bethel, Vidya Nagar, Madanthyar, D.K. – 574224, Karnataka 
 Joining into Service : 01-07-1991
 Designation    : Associate Professor & Principal from 01-11-2010 to till date
 Qualification : M.A.


Academic :
  • Attended one day seminar on “English language teaching” at Crossland College, Brahmavar.
  • Attended one day workshop on “PUC English texts at St. Aloysius College, Mangalore”.
  • Attended one day seminar on “Optional English Syllabus of Degree” at Beasant College, Mangalore.
  • Attended two day seminar on “Optional English teaching” at St. Aloysius College, Mangalore.
  • Attended a lecture session on “The status of Higher Education” at S.D.M. Business Administration College, Mangalore.
  • Attended one day workshop on the new texts of Degree classes at Canara College, Mangalore.
  • Attended one day workshop on National Assessment and Accreditation at St. Philomena College, Puttur in August 2002.
  • Attended one day workshop on “Value Education” at St. Philomena College, Puttur in September 2003.
  • Attended one day workshop on “The new tests of I and II degree classes of Mangalore University” at St. Aloysius College, Mangalore ion August 2004.
  • Delivered number of talks and lectures to youth organizations and Associations.
  • Conducted seminars and held discussions on various topics at youth organizations and primary teachers’ meetings.
  • Attended a One day seminar on “Restructuring of English Syllabus” on 28th June 2002 at St. Aloysius College, Mangalore.
  • Attended a One day workshop on “New Syllabus of I and II Degree for Semester Scheme and optional English of Mangalore University” on 10th March 2004 at St. Aloysius College, Mangalore.
  • Attended a One day workshop on Multi-media presentation Aids, organized by the Computer Centre of St. Philomena College, Puttur on 26th August 2005
  • Attended a One day workshop on Framing Question papers on I degree English Syllabus on 24th September 2004 at St. Aloysius College Mangalore
  • Two-day workshop to discuss the II Degree Syllabus and Question paper pattern of English Language II, English Optional paper II of the University Examination on the 24th & 25th June 2005 at Crossland College, Brahmawar.
  • Attended two day National Seminar on “Perspectives in Indian English Teachers of Mangalore University” at St. Aloysius College, Mangalore on 27th & 28th March 2006.
  • Organized as well as attended two day UGC sponsored State Level Seminar on “Effective Teaching of Languages at UG level: Past Experiences and Future Trends” on 1st & 2nd September 2006 organized by St. Philomena College, Puttur. I was one of the Organizers.
  • Attended two day UGC sponsored State level Seminar on “Globalization in the light of multilingual approach” on 23rd & 24th September 2006 at Vivekananda College, Puttur.
  • Attended one day workshop to discuss the new English Syllabus on 30th June 2007 at St Aloysius College Mangalore, conducted by AET of Mangalore University.
  • Attended UGC sponsored State Level Seminar on ‘New Trends In Karnataka History’ at ST Philomena College Puttur on 25th&26th Aug 2006.
  • Attended two day State Level Seminar on ‘Corporate Social Responsibility: Prospects and concerns’ on 27th& 28yh March 2009 at St. Philomena College Puttur.
  • Attended UGC sponsored two days National Seminar on ‘Representation of Subalterns: Problems and Perspectives’ held on 3rd& 4th April 2009 at SVS college Bantwal.
  • Attended two day National Seminar on ‘Nationality Languages and Culture’ on 8th& 9th January at St Aloysius college Mangalore.
  • Presented Papers in national /International Seminars, Conferences and workshops.


Research Experience:

Registered for Ph.D in Faizabad University, U.P


Appointment in University Bodies (Mangalore University):
  • Member of Academic Council from 01-07-2017 to 31-07-2019
  • Member of Syndicate from 01-11-2018 to 31-10-2019
  • Member of Purchase Committee of University for 2 years
  • Member of Inspection Committee of Chair in Christianity 15-041-2019
  • Member of Malpractice Inquiry Committee of Mangalore University 14-06-2019
  • Mangalore University Sri dharmashtala Manjunatheshwara Tulu Pita Advisory Committee 16-06-2019


UGC Sponsored Refresher/ Orientation Courses Attended:
Course From To Venue Organiser
Orientation course 4th Sept.2000 3rd Oct 2000 Mumbai University of Mumbai(ASC)
Refresher Course 26th Oct 1998 14th Nov 1998 Panjab Amritsar Guru Nayak Dev University Amritsar(ASC)
Refresher Course 7th Nov 2001 27th Nov 2001 Mysore Mysore University(ASC)
Refresher Course  5th Nov 2003 25th Nov 2003 Mysore Mysore University(ASC)


NCC/Co-Curricular Activities:
  • NCC officer for 17 years.
  • Rank: Captain
  • NCC Officer in Milagres College, Kallianpur from 1-7-1995 to 25-06-2001.
  • NCC Officer in St Philomena College from 26-06-2006 to 31-10-2011.
  • Commissioned as NCC officer on 19th 1996, with the Rank of 2/Lieutenant.
  • Successfully completed 3 months Precommision NCC course from 22nd July 1996 to 19th Oct 1996 and Commissioned with 2/Lt Rank
  • Attended one month Refresher course –Part-I in NCC from 13th July 1998 to 11th 1998 and promoted to the Rank of Lieutenant on 21-10-1999.
  • Attended one month Refresher course of NCC Part –II from 10th 2005 to 8th Nov.2005 at OTA Kamptee, Nagpur.
  • Participated in 13 National and state level NCC camps all over the India.
  • Regularly attended valuation work of Degree University exams of April and October from 1993 to date.
  • Regularly attended valuation work of ‘B’ and’C’ certificate examinations of NCC cadets.
  • Regular NCC Parades are conducted as parade directorate of NCC and the Commanding officer (20 parades a year & a parade is of 4 hours duration) & Additional Parades.
  • National Festival like the Independence Day, Republic Day etc. are celebrated with solemnity and grandeur inviting the dignitaries and local people and making them aware of the significance of such national events. Guest lecture and cultural programmes are held on these days.
  • Board member for NCC ‘B’ and ‘C’ certificate examinations from 2001 to date held at Mangalore, Madikeri and Shimoga. The examinations are held every year in the month of February or March.
  • Conducted several trekking expeditions for NCC cadets at local level making them aware of environment, ecology, bio- diversity and the importance of water conservation.
  • Organized blood donation camps, Literacy programmes through the NCC.
  • Organized tree Plantation programmes through the NCC.
  • Conducted cycle expedition programmes for NCC cadets.
  • Conducted cultural Programmes on patriotism for the NCC cadets.
  • Organized educative tours for NCC cadets in particular and other students in general.
  • Organized seminars and delivered lectures and talks on NCC and issues related to patriotism, national awareness, Human Rights, Duties and right of good citizens.
  • Conducted and participated in annual range firing for NCC cadets.
  • Regular parades Classes are held for NCC cadets as per the NCC syllabus formed by the D.G. NCC New Delhi.
  • NCC days are celebrated every year with solemnity by inviting dignitaries, local people and students.
  • Guest lectures by resource persons were organized for NCC cadets.
  • Motivating lectures and talks by defence personal and police personal are organized for NCC cadets and students in general.
  • Recourse person/ Training officer or any other Duty assigned from time to time in State/ National level NCC camps.


NCC Camps Attended as Officer on Duty:
  • Army attachment camp-Bangalore from 2nd To 13th Aug 1997.
  • Combined annual training camp at Bhuvanendra college karala. From 19th to 30th oct.1999.
  • National Integration camp, Rajgir, Bhihar. From 7th January to 18th January 1998.
  • National Integration camp, Bolangir, Orissa from 10th October to 21th October 2002.
  • Combined annual training camp, Galibeedu, Madikeri from 18th May to 29th may 2003.
  • Combined annual training camp, Kushalanagara from 27th May to 7th June 2006.
  • National Integration camp, Tirupati, Andra Pradesh from 6th Jan to 17th2007.
  • Combined annual training camp at Galibeedu, Madikeri from 17th to 28th May 2007.
  • Combined annual training camp at Galibeedu, Madikeri from 18th to 27th May 2008.
  • National Integration camp in New Delhi from 17th to 28th November 2008.
  • Annual Training Camp at Madikeri from 6th to 15th December 2008.
  • Combined annual training camp at Madikeri from 31st May to 9th June 2009.
  • Combined annual training camp at SPC, Puttur from 24th December to 2nd January 2010.

St. Philomena College organized the combined annual training camp from 24th December 2009 to 2nd January 2010. A total of 700 cadets from different Colleges of 3 districts, 12 ANOs, 18 Defense personnel, 15 civilian staff and one commanding officer were present. The camp was a success. I was the host NCC officer responsible for the organization.

NCC Courses Attended:
  • NCC Pre- commission course at Officers training Academy, Kamptee, Nagpur from 22th July 1996 to 19th October 1996. (three month duration)
  • NCC refresher Part- I at OTA, Kamptee, Nagpur from 13th July 1998 to 11th  August 1998.(one month duration)
  • NCC Refresher Part- II at OTA, Kamptee, Nagpur from 10th Oct 2005 to 08th  November 2005.(one month duration)
  • Present Rank in NCC- Captain
  • Service in NCC- 15 Years.


Membership and Service in Various Academic, Social, Cultural and Religious Organizations, Associations and Clubs:
  • Appointed as Deputy Chief of Mangalore University Degree Examinations at Sacred Heart College Centre, Madanthyar in May/June 2000.
  • Appointed as Deputy Chief of Mangalore University Degree Examinations at SDM College Centre, Ujire in May/June 2002.
  • Worked as presiding officer in Parliamentary and Legislative Assembly Elections as well as Legislative Council and Panchayath-Local Bodies elections.
  • Resource person in NCC campus, Youth Organizations, Local Social Organizations, Church Organizations, Schools and Associations like Catholic Sabha, ICYM, YCS, CAP-CELLL.
  • Staff Secretary of St Philomena College, Puttur from June 2000 to date. As a Staff Secretary took leadership in planning and organizing College Programmes, arranging meetings, arranging assemblies to honour achievers in sports and games and in other fields.
  • Prepared College Annual Reports, Reports on Various college programmes, Reports on NCC activities, Evaluative reports of the departments, NAAC-RAR.
  • Design invitations, plan and conduct various College Level as well as social programmes/ functions.
  • Assisted students as well as public in preparing speeches in English.
  • Compeered programmes at College, University level as well as conducted social and compeered programmes.
  • Being NCC officer conducted planned and compeered programmes in NCC camps at local, state and national level.
  • Worked as social worker at local level.
  • Delivered lectures on patriotism, environment, ecology, cleanliness, drug-addiction and such other social evils, communal harmony, Aids, Health and Hygiene, Peace and Unity, Gender-Equality, Women Empowerment, Indian Constitution and so on and so forth.
  • Conducted class and delivered lectures on ‘English Grammar, Communicative English and Globalization’ to especially youth organizations.
  • Organized and participated in anti- terror campaign, save- earth campaign, Join Indian Armed Forces Campaign, Literacy campaign and Aids Awareness Programmes.
  • Published articles in English and Konkani periodicals.
  • Guided students willing to join Armed forces, Police Department and civil services.
  • Guided students willing to pursue higher education and professional courses
  • Guided students in writing articles, grammar and essays for wall board magazine, college annual magazine and some local news papers.
  • Helped students for competitions in Elocutions, Essay Writing, Extempore, Debating etc.
  • As member of the editorial board of the college annual magazine, corrected and edited articles for the magazine.
  • As member of the editorial board of the Konkani periodical, contributed, corrected and edited articles for the periodical- ‘Kalzachem Zaith’.
  • As co-ordinator of Sacred heart Church Choir Group, I have been training and conducting choir(church singing) for the past 35 years. Trained students in music and singing.
  • Management committee member, Sacred Heart English medium high School Madanthyar.
  • Management Committee member, Sacred Heart College , Madanthyar.
  • Director, Sacred Heart Credit Co-operative Society, Madanthyar.


Membership in the following Associations and Organizations:
  • Association of English Teachers of Mangalore University (AET).
  • Association of Mangalore University College Teachers (AMUCT).
  • Canara Catholic Association, Mangalore.
  • Teachers Co-Operative Bank.
  • Mangalore Catholic Co-Operative Bank.
  • Philomena College Mutual Fund.
  • Parish Council Member of Sacred Heart Church, Madanthyar.
  • Finance Committee Member, Sacred Heart Church, Madanthyar.
  • Member, Inter-Faith Forum, Sacred Heart Church, Madanthyar.
  • Ward Representative, Sacred Heart Church.
  • Management Committee Member, Sacred Heart College, Madanthyar.
  • Member, Sacred Heart Church, Cultural Committee.
  • Co-Ordinator, Sacred Heart Choir Group.
  • Member, ‘Nagarika Hitha Samithi’, Madanthyar.
  • Editorial Board Member of Kalzachem Zaith’- a church periodical of Sacred Heart hurch, Madanthyar.
  • Member, Old Students Association, Guardian Angels Hr. Pry. School, Madanthyar.
  • Member, Old Students Association, Govt. Jr. College, Punjalakatte.
  • Member, Old Students Association, St. Aloysius College, Mangalore.
  • Member, Associate NCC Officers of India.
  • Secretary, ‘Catholic Sabha’ -(2005-06)
  • Life Member, Catholic Sabha, a Diecesan Catholic Association.
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