A Few Words When Results are Out..

Results are out. Some get ranks. some pass and some others fail. Those who pass or got the ranks should know that they have it for a particular examination( SSLC or PUC). There will be innumerable tests in life to pass. Hence don’t be arrogant because you are a success in one exam. Those who fail should very well know that they failed in one event of life and not in life itself. Your life is of much more worth than the worth of an examination. More than that don’t try to end it up because neither you created it nor you ONLY developed it. In case you have a thought of ending it recall your mothers pain in nurturing you, father’s agony to provide you whatever you needed, their sleepless nights, endless good wishes of your loved ones. And also those great men who said yes to life even when the entire world said no to them…….what matters in life is integrity…..intellectual humility and emotional stability…..All the best my dear young ones!


Rev. Dr. Antony Prakash Monteiro